Friday, May 27, 2011

I heart Herman Cain

Ok, Herman Cain.  Let's talk about why he should be on the presidential ticket.  If not as Prez, then as VP.

I'm not going to go into each and every issue and where Mr. Cain stands, but I will say this.  He is a conservative.  He speaks like a real person--not like a politician.  He is articulate and he is on the right side of the issues.  Anti-abortion.  Anti-government-run healthcare.  And, I just love what he says on his web site about government spending:

"Though it might not be politically popular to modernize and eliminate some of our entitlement programs, responsible leaders should be willing to do it all the same. They must be prepared to make tough choices and learn to simply say “no.” This can only happen when our elected officials stop being politicians and start being leaders. Simply put: there is no “Department of Happy” in Washington, D.C.
Nothing should be off the table. Every federal agency, every government program and expenditure must be reviewed and revised with a keen eye and a red pen. Leaders should be willing to shrink budgets by target percentages, and those charged with implementing those changes must be held accountable."

Mr. Cain is a very successful businessman.  He has not held political office, which is probably is biggest downfall as far as electability (is that a word?) goes, but, in my opinion, our federal government could take a lesson from someone like Cain, who has been successful in business and isn't spoiled by the "business" of politics.  We need someone in office who knows what it's like to make cuts and ask others to do the same.  Another quote from his web site says, "Serious but responsible belt tightening can save businesses, and it can also save our country with the right leadership."  How true!!

My biggest concern about Herman Cain is that he lacks any foreign policy experience.  He seems to have all of the "right" ideas and philosophies, but there is no experience there (like our current President has sooo much experience, right?!).  As a successful businessman, Cain will know how to delegate.  He will see and know just how valuable good, experienced, expert advisors are, and I believe he will surround himself with such people.  This encourages me.

Ok, let's talk about the "race card".  No matter what anyone on the left says, Obama plays the race card out to its utmost extreme.  There are many minorities out there who would (and probably did) vote for Obama because a vote against him is a vote against blacks.  It sounds crazy, but it's true!  Herman Cain as a candidate (or VP candidate) NEUTRALIZES THE RACE CARD.  Herman Cain fits as the Republican Presidential candidate.  He is more articulate and genuine than any of the candidates I've heard so far.  He doesn't have any political baggage.  He also happens to be black.  

Oh how I would love to see Herman Cain go head to head with Barack Obama in a debate!  I think that Cain's intelligence, candor, and lack of political taint would be perfectly wrapped in his overall genuineness and he would take Obama to school.  It's not hard to see straight through someone who is a politician to the core...just stand him next to someone who is real.

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