Monday, May 23, 2011

What I learned today from Donald Rumsfeld

I love the Heritage Foundation.  Tim and I joined the President's Club as "Young President's Club" (a cheap way for us under-40's to get into the "club") members about a year and a half ago or so and have found it to be something we love to do together.  If you are reading this and are a parent, you know what I mean when I say that you go through a period in your marriage after you have kids when all you do is look at each other blankly and fall asleep.  We've had to "re-learn" how to enjoy each other without our kiddos.  Politics, and really Heritage, has been one of those things.  It's also something that has reminded me that I have a brain.  Ha!

Today, we attended a Heritage luncheon in Dallas, and the guest speaker was former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.  One thing I've noticed about these men who have, for all intents and purposes, retired from politics (George W. Bush is another one), is that they are so relaxed.  I mean, they are out of the spotlight now, so they really just tell it like it is.  No politics to deal with, just truth.  Love it.

Anyhow, today, Secretary Rumsfeld had a lot of good stuff, interesting stuff, to talk about. He talked about Libya.  He pointed out a horrible mistake currently being made by the Obama administration with regard to Libya...they are in, but there is no real mission defined.  The mission should determine the coalition, not the other way around.  Right now, the coalition is determining the mission.  He used this example:  If there are 4 people in an elevator and 3 of them don't know what they want to do, but 1 wants to go to the movies, chances are they will be going to the movies.  Not the kind of position we want to be in.  Not the kind of position we want our military to be in!!

It was really interesting to hear him talk about Guantanamo Bay.  He said that it is one of the most efficient, well-run prisons in existence.  Funny.  All I've heard is that they torture people there.  The media drives me nuts!!!  He said they never used "enhanced interrogation techniques" (waterboarding) at Gitmo.  In fact, and he was very adamant about this fact: no person in the United States military has ever waterboarded any prisoner.  This is the CIA's job.  There have been 3 prisoners that waterboarding has been used on.  All 3 of them were at Gitmo, but none of them were waterboarded at Gitmo.  It's funny talking about waterboarding (not "ha, ha" funny) really doesn't raise any emotions in me.  I would kind of think it would.  I'm happy that our guys (the GOOD guys, I might add!) got the information they needed out of the 3 America-hating terrorists they waterboarded.  I'm glad that intel from these guys was instrumental in finding Osama bin Laden.  This is a tough one for me.  I feel like as a Christian I should have more feelings about it, but I don't.

Rumsfeld did point out that the last 4 CIA directors, appointed by 3 different presidents, all concur that intel retrieved via waterboarding was instrumental in finding OBL...just thought I'd point that out.

He talked about so much more, but I'm out of motivation to write about it.  And, btw, he looked darn good for 79! 

I think tomorrow (or the next day...) I'll write about Herman Cain.  Or about why I don't think we should have a woman president.  Or about how Gracie likes Max and Charlie to "shoot" her with their toy guns (this is slightly disturbing to watch...when I tell them to stop b/c they shouldn't shoot at anyone, they say, "But she likes it!").  Goodnight.

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