Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stand with Indiana! Defund the bad guys...

Stand with Indiana!

Brought to you by, the "I Stand with Indiana" web site and investigative video is yet another revealing piece about the lies Planned Parenthood tries to spread around the country.   The truth that women truly do not need Planned Parenthood for their Medicaid-funded healthcare in Indiana is revealed in the video.  Amazing to me is the statistic that just 1% of Medicaid recipients in Indiana use Planned Parenthood for their well-woman care.

I have to say, at 22 years old, the President of Live Action, Lila Rose, is one incredible young woman.  She has been fighting the pro-abortion battle since she was 15 years old.  I think we could all learn a lesson about commitment from this girl!  You may have seen some of the other undercover investigations Live Action has conducted.  One uncovered PP turning its head to child sex abuse (a 14 year old girl with a 31 year old boyfriend).  Another uncovered PP attempting to help a pimp run his child trafficking business .  Unbelievable.  One of my favorites was when they uncovered the false mammogram claims made by PP President, Cecile Richards.  

I feel like there is some real momentum in our battle against Planned Parenthood.  I am sick and tired of my tax dollars going to the enemy.  Time for it to end.