Friday, July 1, 2011

Why I'm Mad at Lightning McQueen

I took my 3 kiddos to see "Cars 2" this morning.  They'd been looking forward it for several weeks, and I'd heard nothing but praise for the kid flick.  I was looking forward to some funny "adult" humor from Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy, not in a million years thinking I was going to be subjecting my children to liberal environmentalist indoctrination.

Basically, the movie's political agenda revolves around "big oil" vs. alternative forms of fuel.  Okay.  I love our earth and I teach my children to care for it as best as possible.  I'm all about developing different forms of energy, especially if it creates jobs and encourages competition.  What I am not okay with is Disney/Pixar using my children for their political agenda!  It wasn't like the "green" cars and the "big oil" cars became friends in the end.  The "big oil" cars (they actually used the term, "big oil", in the movie) were evil villains out to destroy the other cars so that the alternative fuel didn't become the standard.  

I felt like I was taking crazy pills about halfway through the film.  At first I thought, "Nah, this is just me being ultra-conservative and sensitive" (when the movie opened with all the evil villains meeting on an oil rig in the middle of the Pacific).  But, as the movie wore on, the agenda became clearer until the only thing they didn't do was have the "big oil" cars killing the cars running on alternative fuels...oh wait, they did do that.  

I'm very disappointed.  I will be careful to read up on the films (even when they're rated G) that I take my children to in the future.  


  1. It's so frustrating sometimes to try to find quality entertainment that doesn't rub conservatives' beliefs in their faces - for either ourselves or our kids.

  2. Seriously. I don't know why I hadn't heard about this before we went. It reminded me of when I saw Avatar for the 1st time. It was that "in your face". But, it wasn't nearly as offensive as Avatar (they were ripping on big oil, not our military...).

  3. Avatar was the worst, though I knew it was going to be bad going into it. I also knew about Cars 2, but still opted to take my son. 1) It was the first movie he knew about before it came out and was super-excited to see it; 2) The first Cars is his favorite movie; and 3) I figured the liberal agenda would be sufficiently over his head to not effect him. Still, it bothers me. I've written about conservative movies before here: Also conservative entertainment for kids here:

  4. Kids are too young to see it, and apparently so am I because to me, it's just a movie! Didn't see anything wrong with Avatar, either. But hey, I do live life with one eye shut. Maybe I should stop being so superficial. *shrugs*

  5. Rin,

    You are right that the political agenda of the movie was probably above my (young)children's heads (now, if my kids were a little older, they'd probably get it, though!)...BUT, my issue is with Disney/Pixar using the movie to further their political agenda and indoctrinate my kiddos. In the big scheme of things, they probably won't hate oil companies because of this movie, but it certainly plants a seed in their young minds.

    As far as the movie, Avatar, goes, I would encourage you to watch it again with both eyes is so in-your-face anti-America, anti-military that it makes me gag.

    Thanks for your comments!!

  6. I just found your blog because of the article written in the Heritage Foundation magazine. I was captivated by the title of this post. I, too, was disenchanted with Cars 2. My kids love it, but I hadn't watched it with them when we picked it up for them as an Epiphany gift. Later as I walked through the room during probably their 5th viewing of the DVD, I realized what was going on. I was so fried! I have several conservative friends that love this movie. Even my husband said we should get it (he tuned me in to the Heritage Foundation, listens to the Patriot radio, etc.) Why didn't we catch this? Ugh, it just fries me that these little nuances keep coming up in the subtlest and not so subtle ways.

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