Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Did it Come to This? "Canadian Mother Strangles Newborn, Gets No Jail Time And Judge Defends Infanticide By Comparing It To Abortion"

This is a post that I wrote for today.  It's just too horrible not to share.  Please, if you read this, consider what you are doing to combat abortion here in the United States.  Let us never, ever become what Canada is.  Pray.  Give.  Support women in unplanned pregnancies.  Support and volunteer at your local pregnancy center.  Just do NOT turn a blind eye to the problem that abortion is and the consequences that it has on the morality of our society as a whole.  

Canada is on the verge of setting a precedence that allows a woman to kill her baby and face little to no consequence.  I'm not talking about abortion.  Yes, I believe it is the same thing as what I just stated, but I am talking about a newborn--outside of the womb.  As reported by
A Canadian judge, noting that a majority of Canadians support  unrestricted abortion, has freed a woman who strangled her newborn son. 
Katrina Effert of Wetaskiwin, Alberta gave birth secretly in her parents’ downstairs bathroom, then killed the boy and threw his body over a fence.  She was 19 at the time. She told the court that she was worried that her parents would become alarmed by the baby’s cries. They were unaware of her pregnancy. When the baby’s death was investigated, she initially told police she was a virgin. 
Veit ruled that because Canada has no abortion laws reflects that “while many Canadians undoubtedly view abortion as a less than ideal solution to unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy, they generally understand, accept and sympathize with the onerous demands pregnancy and childbirth exact from mothers, especially mothers without support.” 
And more from The Blaze: 
She was given a three-year suspended sentence by Judge Joanne Veit wherein if she abides by the court’s conditions for the next three years, she will not spend time behind bars. CBC notes the justification given by the judge for such an astounding sentence:The judge noted that infanticide laws and sentencing guidelines were not altered when the government made many changes to the Criminal Code in 2005, which she says shows that Canadians view the law as a ‘fair compromise of all the interests involved.’ ‘Naturally, Canadians are grieved by an infant’s death, especially at the hands of the infant’s mother, but Canadians also grieve for the mother.” More from Abortion in Canada is not addressed by the law — resulting in unrestricted, on-demand abortions up until the baby is born. The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1968-69 specifically decriminalized abortion, as long as a committee of doctors signed off that it was necessary for the physical or mental well-being of the mother. Even that requirement was thrown out by Canada’s Supreme Court in 1988.
 Never in my life have I heard of anything more outrageous or horrible.  That a judge would rule in favor of and sympathize with a woman killing her baby out of fear that her parents would hear the baby crying and do so citing that Canadians are pro-abortion is outrageous!  Are you telling me that the majority of Canadians would agree that it's okay to kill your child if it is inconvenient or stressful for you to be a parent--even if that child is outside of the womb?  I think I might throw up.  This makes my heart physically ache.  Never mind how I feel about abortion.  Never mind that Canada's lack of abortion law is heinous and disgusting.  This judge is equating this mother strangling her newborn baby in her parent's bathroom with legal abortion.  What kind of a slippery slope is this for Canada?  What an example and a warning this is us.  No restrictions on abortion.  No value for the sanctity of the unborn's life.  Look where it has led Canada.  Let us keep fighting for life in the United States so that we may NEVER follow in their footsteps.

I didn't plan to turn this post into a call to action, but I can't help it.  What I see us doing everyday with Online for Life to combat abortion, help the mothers and fathers in crisis pregnancies, and save the lives of babies around the country is something I would love for all of my loved ones to be a part of.  Please consider a gift of $30 per month to help us fund our program in the 9 centers we support.  If we can get 167 people to give just $30 a month, those centers would be fully funded and we could focus on spreading our message to new centers and saving more babies around the country.  We just saw baby number 105 saved yesterday!!  That is 105 babies that were sentenced to die, but now live; 105 parents that were saved from making a decision they would regret for the rest of their lives; 105 families, whether they kept their baby or the baby was adopted, 105 new families were started because of the work of OFL. Will you partner with us?    Let's save some babies together!  It starts here.


  1. I need to make a correction...2 more babies were saved today! So, make that 107 lives saved. :)

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