Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guest Blog: The Left's Duggar Dilemma

  • Once again, I'm privileged to have my good friend, Amy Gerwing, contribute to my blog!  Amy is a wife, a mother, a conservative, and an inspiring woman.  Thank you, Amy.  Your thoughts, your insights, and your life experience enrich and encourage.

  • December 13, 2011, Amy Gerwing

  • For years, my family has followed the happenings of the Duggars. I remember watching their show when it was just an hour long special on the Discovery Channel and Michelle Duggar still had the turd roll curls on either side of her head. Our family watched with anticipation as the Duggars welcomed Baby #17 Johanna into their family, we made bets trying to guess the "J" name they would choose for baby #18, and we prayed each night for sweet baby #19 Josie, who spent her first three months on earth fighting for her life. And so, last month, when the Duggars announced they were expecting baby #20, my kids and I rejoiced that we would again get to enjoy all the fun that comes with watching another Duggar baby be born - especially trying to guess which J names are left for Michelle and Jim Bob to choose.

  • Apparently we are not the only ones who have a strange fascination with this most unconventional family. Since their show debuted on TLC four years ago, it's brought the highest ratings, second only to John and Kate plus Eight, which being a train wreck from the beginning, provided a stark contrast to the supernatural sweetness of the Duggars. Here is a family who not only claims to love the Lord, but demonstrates it in every aspect of their life. Some people may find their conservatism odd. I, however, find it refreshing, delightful and above all sincere. In all my years watching this family, I've never detected an ounce of judgement or condemnation on those who may not subscribe to their more extreme views. They demonstrate their love for others by volunteering at food banks, helping in Joplin, MO after the devastating tornado, going on missions trips throughout the world, and teaching less-fortunate children at summer camps. The Duggars live debt-free, receive no government assistance and teach their children to do the same. They are model citizens.

  • So naturally, after having invested so much time in watching this family over the past several years, my heart broke last week at the news of Michelle's miscarriage. But as sad as I am for the Duggars who have been such an inspiration to our family, my heart ached even more for the cruel sentiments expressed by careless leftist writers all over the blogosphere expressing nothing short of glee at the loss of their child. I read everything from, "Michelle should be forcibly sterilized" to "Clearly God is trying to tell them to stop".

  • Having experienced a miscarriage of my own, I can speak to the pain and loss that Michelle is experiencing. When I lost my fourth baby, never once did I think that God was telling me to stop having children. I rested in God's word that tells us "children are a blessing from the Lord", and if I had taken my miscarriage as a sign that God was done filling our quiver, I would have missed out on the blessings my 4 youngest girls have brought me. How many of us know women who have experienced miscarriage upon miscarriage only to finally give birth to a healthy child? Imagine if after the first miscarriage, that couple subscribed to this silly theory that a miscarriage is God's way of telling them to stop trying for a child? They would have missed out on the blessing of that miracle birth. And yet, so many so-called "experts" think that this is exactly what the Duggars should do.

  • As for the calloused suggestions that Michelle should be sterilized (which honestly, is one of the less offensive comments that I read), I can't help but wonder about the double standard being demonstrated by those on the left who are constantly reminding us that "it's a woman's body" and she has the right to her own reproduction choices. Will they not afford Michelle Duggar the same rights to her own body? These leftwing bloggers have no problem with a woman having limitless access to abortions yet they believe the Duggars should forcibly be limited to giving birth to only a certain number of children. Could it be that according to their hypocrisy, reproductive rights only apply when ending life rather than giving it? Shouldn't the feminists of the world be praising Michelle Duggar for her anti-establishment approach toward family planning? After all, if it really is a woman's right to choose, then I would say Michelle Duggar should be celebrated for practicing her right 20 times!


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