Friday, May 18, 2012

It's why we do what we do...

If you've known me for for really any amount of time, you probably know about my passion for the preservation of life.  I've probably talked to you about Online for Life.  I might have even shared with you pictures of babies God has used OFL to save from abortion.  But, until this week, much of what OFL does was not "real" for me.  I have always understood what it is we are doing as an organization, have always been passionate for the "numbers" (babies saved, centers worked with, states represented in, cost to save a baby, etc.), and I have always believed with all my heart in the mission of OFL.  But this week things got deeper for me.

I met Kourtnee.

Kourtnee is a sweet baby girl, just one year old, who I have prayed for since before she was born, rejoiced in her birth, and have passed her picture around with pride.  But until this week, Kourtnee was just another baby that was rescued from abortion (an amazing thing, no doubt!).  Now, though, Kourtnee is a person that I have connected with, I have kissed and hugged, I have played with, I have seen the sparkle in her eyes and the joy she brings to her mother and father on their faces, and I have seen and felt the joy she brings to everyone around her.  This baby is truly a blessing!  And, she is REAL.

I heard Robin, Kourtnee's mommy, talk about how convinced she was to have an abortion, adamant even, but because of OFL connecting her with her local pregnancy center, she chose to carry her baby, recognizing then what I saw and experienced this week: the baby within her was REAL.  Like I said, it's something I know and have known, but the brevity of each and every decision that we are influencing for these dear, scared, unprepared women hit me like a ton of bricks.  Every day 3,500 Kourtnee's are lost to the tragedy of abortion in the United States.  3,500 Robin's are faced with the most difficult decision of their lives, but they choose wrong and now have to deal with the sadness and regret years and years after the fact.  I ache for the Kourtnee's and the Robin's alike.  They are REAL.

Robin is a brave woman.  She wants to share her story with the world, so she went on video to tell it.  Please watch her story, share her story, and let her story affect you.  I believe we can see the end to abortion in our country.  I believe it can happen in our lifetime.  But, it has to start in our hearts.  Each of ours.  And that happens when we realize that this is real-life, and even when it's not pretty, God can bring beauty from the ashes.